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NADA 4.3

NADA 4.3 is the latest official release and requires at least PHP 5.3 or above to run. We strongly recommend that you use PHP 5.5 or later with the MySQL 5.x database. For upgrading from NADA 4.2, please see

Change log
* Fixed: can’t upload DDI files that contain slashes in the study ID
* Fixed: On the catalog search page, the variable information popup is not scrollable.
* Fixed: The data collection end dates are not correctly imported from DDI
* Fixed misc. issues using custom vocabularies/topics
* Fixed: Hide number of citations count on home page if there are no citations
* Fixed: overview section is missing from the pdf reports
* Fixed: producer field is empty on generate pdf page
* Fixed change_password function to validate password using the new password hasher
* Fixed: transfer ownership assigns the ownership to "0" if no collection is selected
* Updated catalog keyword search to use ranking for better display of search results
* Updated licensed request title to include country, title and year
* Added a temporary workaround to fix errors on ddi import because of the truncated multi-byte characters
* Added wrapping of labels on the data catalog filters when text is on two or more lines
* Updated formatting of collections dialog to reduce white space
* Updated: Replace DDI, automatically saves the old study ID as a study alias.
* Added a configuration setting to control the max upload size for external resources
* Added DDI element Holdings URL for displaying DOI or other holding information
* Added RIS parser library for importing citations from RIS format
* Added print and PDF link for variable description pages
* Updated variable search on study information page
* Added support for requiring complex passwords via a config setting
* Replaced data access icons with new design
* Translations are now part of the site administration
* Updated citation search to show citations by collection
* Added export to csv for raw log files
* All reports have been updated and date format is changed to CSV/Excel friendly format
* Added new 'base' language to use a default instead of 'english'
* Added Open data for data access type
* Updated the application UI design and styles

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